Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About Me

I'm a natural born Filipina married to a Turkish National. I live in Izmir,Turkey now. We are blessed with a very beautiful daughter.I am currenty working in a Private School that offers English Language. Yes, I am a Part-time English Teacher. Living here is such a tremendous experience since I'm a foreigner in a country that is very far from where I was born. Adaptability to Language, Culture and People are the main issues. Hence, its a challenge and slowly i cope up with the changing environment. There are two reasons why I joined. First, I want to work online because of the Turkish Language which blocks my capacity to have a more better job base on my experiences when I was in Philippines.Through the SWA Library, I was able to download E-books that reveals how to make money more online.Second, it will be an advantage  just to work at home and gain. Also, I can still look after my baby and watch how she grows everyday and experience motherhood as well. It's really an advantage for mothers who want to work and gain money but then want to have hands on care of their child. Since I'm a part time teacher for now. I know it takes time to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM but then with the guidance of our Allah and with the perseverance to succeed in life, I know nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. So, JOIN US and let us all achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM with this 100% ONLINE HOME BUSINESS. Let us all say "YES to Supreme Wealth Alliance, YES to SUCCESS".

I’ve been searching for ways onhow to gain online. İ discovered lots of things and SupremeWealth  Alliance (SWA)is one of those. You’re not only investing money but you are investing new knowledge and potential as well in network marketing. İ found extra income also on sites such as It  is a data entry typing which gains me extra income as well. Clixsense that rewards dollars by just clicking advertisements and Paidviewpoint that pays dollars for surveys. Lots of money you can find in internet just persevere to find the best. Also, you may visit To Sew With Love for rewards and giveaways.

Everyday, more and more people from all across the globe are discovering the  secret to financial freedom. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can join. This Opportunity is GLOBAL.The default Payment Options are Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve but the CEO of the company made other Payment Options available.

ACT upon this NOW, and your dreams may come true even sooner than you ever thought. Say YES to SUCCESS!

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