Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Job Is To Inform, Not To Convince


I am sure we are all so excited to EXPLODE our NEW program to all our friends, loved ones, neighbors, facebook friends, twitter friends, country men, EVERYONE!

Before we even start, let me tell you what the REAL JOB of a NETWORK MARKETER is.Our main JOB is to INFORM. Not to CONVINCE. I will repeat INFORM not to CONVINCE. have been a salesman since I was in grade school. As a salesman my job is to convince. Convincing takes a lot of skills to learn. A lot of tricks. Sometimes even “DIRTY TRICKS” to make someone hold a pen, sign a contract, pull out money then be in total amazement after I am gone. Asking themselves “what happened?” We call it SALES TALKS, TRICKS ETC.

That is the job of a SALESMAN. We are not SALESMEN in Network Marketing.If you made a mistake of acting like a “SEASONED SALESMAN”, trying all the tricks, all efforts, using up all known resources to CONVINCE then they wont join, I will give you a few weeks then I wont be seeing you posting about your company again. I should know. I saw it in my 15+ years studying this industry.

When I was still an active salesman, I have this one statement that I learned and held on until today. “The difference between a good sale and a bad sale is timing”. I feel it could still apply today. Let us repharase it. “The difference between someone joining and someone not joining is TIMING.” Ok? The reason you are in network marketing now and the others are not, because the invitation came to you at a PERFECT TIME. It was never an accident. you were not FORCED. You just submitted to the call and decided to do it. Why? I do not know what your reason is. But surely, it came at a time when you were looking for something, and you bumped into this. Right?

So if the people you are sharing your program will not JOIN, DO NOT feel HURT! Its not your fault, its not his fault, its not President Aquino’s fault, not your plumbers fault…ITS NOBODY’S FAULT! Its just not yet time for him or her. Ok?

So from today onwards, INFORM as many PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. DO NOT CONVINCE. If they start asking you FOR SO MUCH QUESTIONS, THROWING YOU OUT OF BALANCE with so many doubtful and fearful questions, politely say. Ohhhh…excuse me. Need to go. I still have a lot to do. I will get back to you soon to answer those. Then go to the next person for your INFORMATION CAMPAIGN. Before you knew it, someone, who is so interested and so looking for a program like this, just 1 or 2 lines away in your list, suddenly says YES! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING for something like this! There it is! That is what I am talking about TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Author: Coach Kiko

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