Monday, October 29, 2012

What Is Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA)?

Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S) is an online business program developed by ChavesNet Enterprises. ChavesNet Enterprises has a great track record of innovating and developing unique and brilliant business programs, concepts, and opportunities.The CEO and Chief Admin of ChavesNet is Francis Chaves. Francis was a successful network marketer in the Philippines for many years before he started his own local network marketing programs. Francis is likewise an ASEAN / European Union accredited trainer and speaker whose main life mission is to help uplift the lives of regular people by teaching them how to creatively earn money even with meager resources or capital. This endeavor with the ASEAN / European Union provided the groundwork for his international exposure.

In early 2008, Francis became interested in developing network marketing businesses for the internet, as the network marketing business model is the finest way to help ordinary persons gain financial freedom. In his own local network marketing programs thousands have achieved financial success, and he desired to bring this same success to more people on a global scale.
Assisting Mr. Chaves is the SWA admin team which is composed of talented and dynamic individuals whose main objective is to maintain a happy and vibrant network. Overall it is SWA’s mission to sustain a genuine and long lasting online network marketing business that provides real value and a real opportunity to regular individuals anywhere in the world. SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System is designed to provide an ideal program by blending high attraction (two of the best pay plans combined), long term viability, affordable one-time cost, and great value (the Supreme Wealth Library).

In addition to the core team, SWA is in collaboration with primary strategic partners and service providers, namely…VASE Developers, a software development company established in New Delhi, India and focused mostly on Internet related applications development. They are responsible for creating the Supreme Wealth Library admin and client software which is a first of its kind in the world.

Aratisa Inc., a premier systems software company that develops highly efficient network marketing back end offices, compensation plan modules, genealogy viewers, and member areas. There systems are being used by thousands of companies and programs worldwide.
GetResponse, a complete email marketing solution. They provide turnkey newsletter broadcast publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponder systems that Supreme Wealth Alliance utilizes to deliver information to our members.
AlertPay, the rising leader in secure online payment solutions. It was founded to facilitate instant payments between individuals and online businesses. AlertPay was founded in August 2004 and started off with six employees. Six years after its founding, AlertPay now has over sixty employees and four million plus members.

Once you are an official SWA member, you will have your own website in which you will be able to download latest E-books that reveals how to make more money ONLINE and this can be found at yourSUPREME WEALTH LIBRARY.

The Supreme Wealth Library is a downloadable library with over a thousand resources and continuously growing. These resources include e-books, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates,icons, fonts, and many more… most of which are very useful to marketers.

Just an example of how useful our products are… if you are a serious online marketer, you would like to know the various secret strategies on how to effectively promote your product or program via the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The social marketing products of the Supreme Wealth Library alone already has over 15 e-books, over 70 videos, and over 50 audios! These social products are just a small part of the entire library.

The value of all the products in the library are, in reality, worth thousands of dollars. Thus, at $55 one-time payment, you’ve got much more than your money’s worth! PLUS! Many of the products inside the library have RESALE RIGHTS, so you can even sell them individually. They even have their very own attractive sales pages!


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